Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sunday Beauty Queen: you do everything for family

i remember watching the movie Edna and how depressed i was after seeing it.  for a woman to have to leave her family to go to abroad in order to take care of someone else's home, children and pets and treat them as their own for a fee, it is an extremely difficult choice to make.  these are hardworking women, some if not all of them have degrees, end up cleaning other people's toilets in a different country whose only form of recreation to look forward to is the beauty pageant held every Sunday.

Hazel.  Leo.  Mylyn.  Cherrie.  to us, they're just random names.  but they're someone's mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend.  they all made a choice:  to stay in the Philippines with their families but penniless and starving or to work in another country, despite hardships to give them a better life.  not all of them are treated properly, fairly, but they suck it in for the sake of their loved ones.

it's disappointing to hear that Sunday Beauty Queen is in danger of being pulled out of theaters because of its supposedly poor performance at the box office. here is an opportunity for us to see how our loved ones try to overcome their homesickness overseas, how much they want to go back to the country but can't, won't, because they want to be able to fulfill the dreams of family back home. it showcases the Filipina's resiliency, sacrifice and love for family.  these women miss out on birthdays, graduations, holidays with their families, with the only consolation being that they can send that hard-earned money to give their loved ones a brighter future.

i hope we support all the films in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival. please allow Sunday Beauty Queen to remain in theaters until the end of the festival. it may not have any celebrities, but they feature our modern-day heroes.