Friday, October 14, 2016

Gwapulis 2016: do they have Q&A portions too?

 photo 78e75eb8-cd38-405e-98f2-6c267172b367_zps3mes5run.jpg

i caught a glimpse of the six finalists on the bus on the way home. they looked really good and very fit and very clean.  heard my frat brod was even a judge for the pageant.  i'm not familiar with the mechanics but i'm curious as to how the Q&A portion went:

"what can you say about extra-judicial killings?"

"do you feel objectified in any way in this competition?  how do you feel about the objectification of people in any pageant? (compared to women beauty pageants, did we get to see our cops in boxers, or swimming trunks? just curious)

"as a police officer, even in the event of a shootout, is it not necessary to try to immobilize the suspect first and bring him for questioning instead of going for the kill because no one should be deprived of life, liberty,  or property without due process of law or be denied equal protection of the laws?"

"if you became the Chief of Police,  what will you do to improve the peace and order situation? do you believe that eradicating poverty and educating the masses can lessen crime? (let's face it, if they weren't trying to make easy money, pushers wouldn't be into drugs, yes?)

"doesn't joining this competition make you an easy target for cop killers?"

"in your opinion, should members LGBT community be allowed to serve in the PNP? why or why not?

"as the ambassador for the Philippine National Police, what can you do in order to change how the masses perceive men in uniform? how can we change the image planted in people's consciousness that they should be equally scared of cops like they are of robbers, rapists and killers?"

"shouldn't you be out fighting bad guys instead of being here?"

don't get me wrong.  i admire these men.  they took an oath to protect and serve all of us.  it doesn't pay much and it is not an easy job but they do it anyway.  they do not have super powers and they are not always this attractive but they deserve our respect, our support and our cooperation. through this competition, we hope that people will see the police force not just in a different, but better light; not just our protectors but great partners in our country's fight against crime.