Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ang Bagong Pamilya ni Ponching: of text scammers and peanut butter

Ponching grew up not knowing his father.  his mother would leave him in church whenever she had to work, with only the parish priest and his best friend Elmerson to call his family.  until the Dela Veras.

 photo ponching_zpsxl1j8klw.jpg

this movie reminds me so much of  the Sandra Bullock film, While You Were Sleeping.  Ponching didn't mean for the Dela Veras to believe his text scam the same way he didn't mean to be endeared to them.  he loves his mother and his best friend deeply and would like for all of them to have a better life but never in the expense of other people.  this is why despite the scam, the Dela Veras took to Ponching and gave him a job.  like Lucy, Ponching comes clean with the family and is loved right back.  while we never really figure out who the real estranged son of Santiago is, Ponching meeting the family and bringing them together is the best thing about this film.