Wednesday, July 13, 2016

he said his name was "Jay"

i think the guy just hit on me.

every day, on the way to work, i ride a van to get to the train station.  i usually pay for two when i sit up front so i can surf the net while listening to music or doze off.  there's usually slow, heavy traffic anyway. i did the same thing today.  then the driver started talking to me.  i didn't really want to engage in small talk but i didn't want to be rude.  we were alone in the vehicle for about a good twenty minutes before the next passenger boarded.  i had hoped he would stop asking more questions and opening up as more passengers came in but he didn't.

he's single but he has two kids.  he's thirty-five.  he doesn't own the vehicle he's driving.  he used to drive for Uber too.  he likes riding motorcycles.  he used to play basketball in my subdivision's court.  he likes to sleep in the afternoon. he enjoys the idea of being single although he gets lonely sometimes.  and while he says he's open, he referred to gay people as, "people like them".  that's how he asked if i was, given i was still single at my age, and i wasn't exactly in the mood to explain what i am.  if i did, i would have to explain the difference and i didn't want to go there.

people often say that one good way to find a life partner was making them undergo the "traffic test".  it's when you pass the time during a traffic jam talking about a variety of topics and gauge how the other person is similar or different from you, depending on how they respond to certain issues.

i am not actively looking for a life partner.  not anymore, anyway.  and even if i was, i'm too shut down to let anybody in.  you would have to be really brilliant or awesome for me to break down my walls.  if anything, the whole conversation made me uncomfortable.  i don't go around sharing valuable information about my life to random strangers, given how paranoid i've become. i think that means he didn't make the cut.  besides, i've known too many drivers in my lifetime to know that they all lie about their civil status.  we all know how i hate complications like that.

talking to him did remind me of AYM a bit.  he was fairly attractive, after all, just not my type.  he was pretty confident about flirting with me and had i been the young, idiotic and naive girl so eager to fall in love that i was before, it might've worked.  now it's just a story i write about.