Monday, March 21, 2016

Sakaling Di Makarating: nothing beats good old-fashioned letter writing

kids today will never know and appreciate a good handwritten love letter, or any kind of snail mail period.  they will never understand the effort that comes with writing down your thoughts and telling them to someone so vividly that the person reading can feel them breathing out of the page.  which is why the movie Sakaling Di Makarating (In Case They Don't Arrive) appealed to me.  sure, it's another travel movie that tells you that in the process of looking for someone or something, you might actually find yourself.  it is that, yes, but it also takes us back to that time when people actually took the time to write to someone and meant every word.  it takes us back to the time when we anticipated the coming of the mailman to bring us letters from the people we care about.  that flapping thing on your gate isn't just for your utility bills, you know.  it takes us back to that "archaic" time before emails and messenger and twitter and snapchat, but it means, taking you back to that time when connections weren't fleeting, when they actually meant something.

Cielo comes home to an empty apartment with a bunch of boxes and a mattress.  she broke off her engagement after being with  Mark for eleven years.  she initially suspects that it is her next-door neighbor Paul who sends her the postcards, but it turns out it wasn't him.  so she sets out on a journey to all the places painted in the postcards, in the hope of finding their source.

Alessandra de Rossi is wonderful as Cielo.  she's cautious but she's not afraid to try new things.  she wants to find out who her anonymous letter-writer is but she's also careful not to let her guard down.  Pepe Herrera is brilliant.  you want him to speak his mind, tell all his feelings but we're all scared he will get shut down because we love him already; then again, JC Santos is so mysterious, so chivalrous, that you want him to be M.  Therese Malvar just gets better and better every time.  she will become a fine actress one day.  also noteworthy are the silent characters of the film:  the breathtaking scenery, the exceptional poetry and the amazing artwork captured in each sent postcard.

Sakaling Di Makarating, like all letters, brings to us a great story. it reminds us that while love and loss are inevitable, we have the rest of our lives to look forward to.  we seem to have this mindset to explore and seek adventures only to recover from heartbreak that we forget that traveling is about meeting new people and learning new things.  it's not about finding someone new, it's about finding YOU!  if you just happen to meet someone in the process, well then, lucky you!  but don't let that be the only reason you get up on your ass.    there's always something special about getting out of your comfort zone to seek new horizons and the film succeeds in teaching us that.  but more importantly, it shows us that there is a life waiting to be conquered, there is a life best enjoyed without your smartphone.  we may as well be looking for something for so long so far when it's just right in front of us, we were just too busy with our smartphones to see it.

as for me, i'd take a handwritten letter, even a small note of appreciation, any day;  and i will go back to writing again, chronicling every new adventure, whatever, wherever, whenever it may be.