Friday, March 18, 2016

Jessica Jones: you like her but Kilgrave wins

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while i'm a big fan of the Marvel movies, i'm not too familiar with any of the comic book characters. in fact, i didn't know any of the characters until the movies came out.  so you can say that i'm not that geeky.  i mean, there are purists out there.  i'm not one of them.  so i didn't know who Jessica Jones is, or why she's important, until Netflix announced that David Tennant will be starring as Kilgrave in the show.  David Tennant being, of course, my favorite Doctor.  so brilliant an actor, i've been crushing on him since he was Barty Crouch, Jr.  oh, by the way, i don't have Netflix either.  if i did, this post wouldn't have been a year late.

Jessica Jones, played remarkably by Krysten Ritter,  is one of those "gifted" folks living in Hell's Kitchen.  she has superhuman strength and she can jump so high, it's as she were flying,  or "guided falling", as she calls it.  having been under Kilgrave's control for a while, she gives up the hero bit and opens her own detective agency.  she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and is a skilled alcoholic.

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i love her character for her honesty.  she's a big liar, of course, she's an alcoholic, after all.  what i love is that she's not trying to be the hero, much like other strong women with edge like Root and Shaw of Person of Interest, or even Gretchen from You're The Worst.  you know they're good people, and they always want to try to do the right thing, their ever-swaying moral compass notwithstanding.  Jessica tries her best; he efforts, her means, not always thought out properly or perfect, but always with the intent of doing what's right.   she knows she cannot save everyone, but will go through great lengths to protect the one or two people she cares about.  and while Trish will never have Jessica's abilities, she will always be the one to keep her grounded.

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David Tennant, as i have mentioned, is brilliant as Kilgrave. he has charisma.   i could not totally see him as a villain, although i admit to being terrified by the violence he told people to inflict on themselves. you look at his face and he's so charming, you'll gladly do what he orders.  i mean, when you think about it, he's not after world domination, he doesn't want to rob banks.  he's just really selfish, and very much obsessed with Jessica Jones.  she was the one person he couldn't control, not anymore anyway, the one he considered his equal.  you even pity him in a way, when you think about how he came to have his powers or how his parents abandoned him, forcing him to fend for himself.  you feel for him because he never really knows if people do the things he tells them to do because they want to or because he said so. and we go back to having great responsibility with great power.  think of all the good that can be done with that ability, and all the things that could go bad when in the wrong hands, or head, i should say.  Kilgrave was terribly misguided; he was so consumed by his obsession with Jessica.  you could even say he just wanted to win this girl's affection but some people just don't take rejection very well.  they leave a trail of bodies behind weighing on your conscience.  this reminds me of the Tenth Doctor's first appearance and the Sycorax invasion:  surrender or they will die.

Kilgrave never really dies, i guess. Jessica left him for dead and he still managed to haunt her wherever she was.  when somebody's inside your head, you have to be really strong to shut them out.  it's why Magneto wears a helmet, right?

anybody can be a hero.  even with the smallest of gestures we do for someone else can mean so much.  but with extraordinary abilities and the responsibilities that go with them, it cannot be as easy as black and white.  in the world of Jessica Jones and Kilgrave, those lines are blurred and it's hard to tell between hero and villain. any wrong decision can mean a person's life.

"Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it... "