Friday, February 19, 2016

weekend love forecasts

i don't believe in signs.  or horoscopes.  as much as possible i don't let anything get in the way of how the day will go.  when you think that the day will go a certain way, you take away your power to change it.  so i don't rely on fortune-telling so much.  you make your own fortune.  you change your stars.

every so often though, or every Friday, at least, i try to check them out for the hell of it.  it amuses me to a certain degree.  they're not always, not ever right.  but you hope sometimes.  and this is what i have for this weekend:

Virgo Weekend Love Forecast:
You're so down-to-earth; you almost long to be mentally led astray by someone distracting enough to throw you for that kind of loop.


are you strong enough to be my man?

 photo 2016-02-19_18.23.541_zpsqfvmxkrv.jpg

you never know if they will ever come through, come true, right?