Friday, December 04, 2015

You're The Worst: the fifth character

don't look now but it appears that the real stars of this show are Becca and Vernon.  i swear, everything in the show revolves around them:  the Pilot episode starts in their wedding, and the season 1 finale features them announcing their pregnancy.  it's confusing if you didn't know any better.  the funny thing about it is that Becca and Vernon both know that inviting Jimmy and Gretchen will be a disaster, but they always seem to be in the guest list anyway.

season 2 of You're The Worst brings us our favorite toxic couple, Jimmy and Gretchen, and the dynamics of their relationship when they start living together following the burning of Gretchen's apartment.  here we see the two of them try hard to make everything exciting and fun.  we also see Edgar evolve as he discovers his talent for improv and Lindsay "coping" with her separation with Paul.  then we get introduced to a fifth character, as described by Chris Geere.  and i am not talking about Amy, Paul's girlfriend, or Dorothy, Edgar's girlfriend, or Nina, the hot bar owner.  somewhere within the second season we find out about Gretchen's depression and how she tries desperately to keep it together.  it has gotten so bad that it is affecting her work and her relationship with Jimmy and their friends.

relationships are hard.  it's why Gretchen is scared of having them and Jimmy doesn't believe in them anymore; and yet they find themselves drawn to each other, taking the leap together to see how far it will go. Slothrust singing 7:30AM ("I'm gonna leave you anyway, I'm gonna leave you anyway, I'm gonna leave you anyway . . .")  at the opening credits doesn't help their cause towards happily ever after but we all wish for it just the same.  Gretchen tries to conceal her depression from Jimmy and then tries to push him away.  Jimmy tries to "fix her" and fails miserably until he gives up and gets tempted to take the easy way out by kissing and almost running away with Nina.   as spectators, you want them to stay together because no matter how rotten they are as people, they actually make sense and give us the hope that relationships, even that of the most disturbed or absurd or wretched or flawed people, can actually work.  but then they've gotten so far apart because of this fifth character and you don't think either of them can still emerged from all the hurtful things said and done.

and then this:

 photo ytw_zpsdcl0wwhu.jpg there is hope for the rest of us, people.