Sunday, December 20, 2015

NCIS: tiva forever

a couple of years ago, i was devastated to find out that one of my favorite tv couples were breaking up.  Cote de Pablo, the actress who plays Ziva, was leaving NCIS after seven years.

seeing that i was going to have a long holiday, i went back and caught up on episodes of NCIS up to the point of this moment, when Tony was convincing Ziva to come back to DC with him to start a new life.

without breaking Rule#12!

 photo tiva1_zpsexiu7pdl.jpg

it breaks my heart that after all that time, knowing what they know and how they feel about each other, that things had to be that way.  after her father's death, Ziva went out to find herself and was not proud of the person she has become, and yet, Tony has loved her just the same.  we did see in Truth or Consequences (season 7, episode 1) a very honest Tony, telling Ziva that he went all but hell and back of Somalia to find her because, "I couldn't live without you, I guess."  while Tony and Ziva never spoke of their feelings, it is in the Past, Present and Future, where all is felt and determined.

while Ziva's character has already left the show, it has left a dent in Tony's life, as he keeps dating and dating to find someone that might be like Ziva and he fails; much like Gibbs keeps looking for Shannon in all his other ex-wives.  there's still a chance that Ziva might come back, or Tony might leave NCIS and follow her.  you never know.  love that strong definitely deserves a happy ending.  Tony and Ziva are not done yet.  just you wait!