Sunday, December 27, 2015

Honor Thy Filmfest

for so many years, the Metro Manila Film Festival has been serving us with garbage every Christmas, with a few exceptional films every now and then.  we are rarely given an opportunity to see a film that challenges us to think, and feel.  Honor Thy Father is one of those films and i have been  forward to seeing it.  sadly, it has been disqualified from the Best Picture category. to think that MMFF used to give us films like this before. it still does, actually, but the New Wave category only had a short barely noticed run. now it is only focused on the amount of money the festival can make.

i do not wish to take away the hard work that was put into making the other films and we should support them, too. i only hope that we can support game changers like Honor Thy Father. John Lloyd Cruz is a great actor.  you all loved him as Popoy, but here he has done so much more and is someone different than just the boy-next-door.

please see Honor Thy Father and spread the word.