Saturday, October 10, 2015

You're The Worst: how's this for a relationship goal?

Jimmy's eyes met with Gretchen's and they both smiled.  it was love at first sight.


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i discovered this show through an article written by Jessica Zafra (as i no longer have a tv since my neighbor cut their cable) and i enjoyed it immensely.  Jimmy (Chris Geere, even with backfat, he is fairly attractive)  chews up the bride, his ex-girlfriend, on her wedding day, because she wants to rub it in his face how happy she is.  Gretchen (Aya Cash) tries to steal one of the wedding gifts to try to resell it but ends up with a blender, not the food processor.  they end up sleeping together.  they know fully well to set expectations that it may or may not last because one is afraid of relationships and one doesn't believe in it anymore.

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even the main theme by Slothrust used at the beginning of the show reiterates it,:
"I'm gonna leave you anyway,
I'm gonna leave you anyway,
I'm gonna leave you anyway."
it's a cute romantic comedy without even trying to be. they are both mean, horrible people.  they know they're awful but they find no shame in it.  somehow the "relationship" works because they get each other and for some weird reason, Jimmy's radical honesty (more like insensitivity) evens out Gretchen's compulsive lying.  of course, Jimmy has to be a writer, an English one at that, who likes to rant about the futility of everything and rage against the dying of the light.  while he can be mean, he lets his former drug dealer with PTSD from serving in Iraq, Edgar (Desmin Borges), stay with him for cooking and some light cleaning.  Edgar is the heart of this show.  for his heroine addiction and his PTSD, he is still a great friend to Jimmy.  he believes in love.  Gretchen is a great liar to the point that she has made her parents believe she still drinks milk.  she cares about her client Sam, but tries to day drink as much as she can.   Lindsay (Kether Donahue), Gretchen's best friend, is the worst of them all.  she's pretty messed up.  she has cockoholism.

i love the show because it doesn't try to be funny and romantic, but it is.  the themes are pretty dark but people can still find humor in it.  i would imagine most relationships these days start like this, meaning they hook up, except maybe they aren't being true to each other or maybe because they immediately think that after a one-night thing, that person is "The One", so it doesn't last.    i mean, i would probably want one like it:   one that has disclaimers and clear expectations of what the other person wants and is about, one that is funny, true and mean, my favorite kind.  i want to have a relationship with someone who can't keep their hands off me, and don't want to lose me at the same time.  it will be one filled with chaos and heartbreak but it will be the most fun i would have.  it can last years or it can be hours, but it will be memorable.

Jimmy and Gretchen might be setting up each other for horrible sadness and pain, but i bet it will be worth it.

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