Wednesday, October 07, 2015

beep beep

hi.  i'm the beep card.  i'm your reloadable train card and i will be your companion for the next four years.  i had a rough start in MRT3 last Monday, but i'm pretty smooth sailing now.  people have gotten around to refunding their old stored value cards and are using me now.  they even have vending machines where you can reload me.  pretty soon, the tellers will be redundant because most people will be self-sufficient and there will be no need for long queues in the train.  and you can use me on all three train stations!

 photo 20151007_1632341_zps50zglsgo.jpg

but you don't need me.  instead of getting me out into the world, they could've renovated the comfort rooms at the train stations first, or fixed the escalators and elevators.  you don't need me.  you need more trains! trains that work.  the ones who don't shut down in the middle of your journey to wherever you need to go.  you need trains that have working air-conditioning so that even when they are full you don't smell like the sweat of the man standing behind you before you even get to the workplace.

you don't need another distraction just so you will forget that people are not doing their jobs to make your life better, you don't need me to show you that instead of working on better transportation for the masses, we got you a new card but we didn't increase the number of trains or did a better job of maintaining the rails.  you don't need me to be more pissed than you already are.