Friday, September 18, 2015

some things should be left hidden

 photo ray-donovan_zpsqotm8mum.jpg

my friend has been telling me to catch the show for a long time and i haven't been able to, seeing i was so obsessed with watching Person of Interest.  over the past weekends, i have been playing catch up to see the show to get to know Ray Donovan and his dysfunctional family.

Ray is a Hollywood "fixer", working for a law firm that represents the rich and famous.  he takes care of his elder brother, Terry, who developed Parkinson's Disease due to being hit in the head several times as a young boxer and his alcoholic sexual anorexic younger brother, Brendan, who like him, got molested by the priest in their community. they have a black half-brother, Darryl, who plays his share of troublemaking.    they all have an estranged relationship with their father, Mickey, played by Jon Voight.

while Ray Donovan has a great story, my main reason for watching is to catch a glimpse of her:

 photo Kate_Moennig1_zps6fq4rxao.jpg

Kate Moennig plays Lena, one of the "investigators" working for Ray.  while she had a very violent past (she still occasionally punches people in the face to put them in their place), Ray believed in her and gave her a job, which is why i love this show.

all the things that happen in the show may or may not really happen in real life, although most celebrities now are very open about their views on life and their sexuality, some still have to put up a facade in front of the bigger crowd so there may really be people like Ray, Avi and Lena in real life, making sure that the skeletons in the closet, bodies buried, stay hidden.