Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heneral Luna: we agree to disagree

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some loved the movie, some thought it was overly-hyped, some got their artsy-fartsy on, and some just tried to join the bandwagon even if they didn't initially get it. but what it did was bring awareness to everyone. that there is a difference in opinion about the movie and that we have the freedom to voice it out is what makes it all the more great because it is the very right those heroes fought for. it brought us to a time when you had to choose if you wanted to live or die for your country or be a turncoat. it made us ask questions, go back to reading books about our history and look up the paintings instead of worrying about how to position the camera for our next selfie. it also made us proud because Filipinos can come up with films that will make everyone think and talk about something more meaningful than kabit one-liners. love or hate the man, the film about him proved that Filipinos are capable of great things.