Wednesday, September 30, 2015

before aldub, there was Penelope and Johnny

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clearly, i am one with the nation in being crazy about #aldub.  i don't follow them as much, but i do love their tandem.  Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are a match made in tv heaven.  their love story is one to be admired, as the brief segment on them brings us back to those days when people fell in love first before they slept together.

oh, right, they spent months without even actually meeting.  you could feel the tension onscreen and everyone is rooting for them to be together.  you miss that about our society, you know, actual courtship.  nowadays, people break up without actually feeling anything for each other.  you go to bed with a person you hardly know before you start having a relationship with them.  but with Alden and Maine, you get the old-fashioned wooing, where the gentleman brings the lady flowers in her home, meeting her parents, getting to know her well and respecting her.

i like that about them.  i like that watching their relationship unfold teaches us something about our forgotten culture.  it may not be the best of circumstances (they are being watched by the People of the Philippines, after all) but the challenges both of them face is one for the books.  i'm not going to spell out those lessons, kids.   you have to read the books.


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during an outdoor session with her class, she tells the children about how their family was cursed by a witch whose daughter fell off a cliff because of a broken heart.  she was the servant girl of a blue-blooded family, the Wilherns, and she got pregnant by one of the Wilhern boys who married someone of "their own kind".  witch mother curses the family that their first-born female will have the face of a pig and only one who loves her till death do them part shall turn her back to normal.

so Penelope grew up isolated and sheltered from everyone.  thankfully, she was not snotty growing up.  she was talented, bright and she had a good heart. neither a good name, good looks, nor riches are important to her.  she valued family, and friends and even when her mother had an odd way of protecting and appreciating her, Penelope loved her just the same.

this is the movie where James McAvoy didn't show abs, Peter Dinklage had one eye before the Game of Thrones, Reese Witherspoon was on a supporting role and Christina Ricci has a snout on 75% of the film.  but it teaches you not to judge people by their outside appearance.  that you should love people for who they are and not for what they can give you.

it never fails to make me smile. before #aldub were separated by splitscreens, Penelope and Johnny were separated by a one-way mirror. he loved her without seeing her, falling for her heart, not her face.  that doesn't happen anymore these days.