Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the reason i stopped seeing Bones

i think i have stated here several times how much i love the show Bones.

i stopped seeing the show for a while, because my neighbor cut their cable connection.  and it reminded me of that person.  for a long time, i have associated my "partnership" (parasitism is a more apt description of the relationship) with him to the show although to state that there were parallels between us and the partnership between Bones and Booth was reaching.

i thought he and i had something.  i knew he wasn't in love with me, but i honestly thought he cared and that our friendship mattered.  sadly, it didn't and he only cared about himself and whatever it was he could take away from being associated with me.  i had his back.  but no one had mine, so of course, seeing Bones gave me a heartbreak.

i love the show.  i love the way the characters have been so wonderfully written and i truly admire the hard work that the people on the show have put into bringing it to us.   it doesn't stop me from hoping, though.  i will meet him one day.  or her.  i believe that i will eventually find my Booth.

and i will eventually catch up to the next season of Bones.