Saturday, June 27, 2015

starstruck serial killer in your movie premiere

i had the privilege of being invited to the gala premiere of this promising young actor's movie. when he saw me, he welcomed me like we've been friends for quite some time. he even took this selfie. you could say i was starstruck.  i have so much respect for him because despite his pedigree, his talent, he is also a simple person like myself.  with better looking legs.

he had me at, "Kenbong Nawahu uu*."

 photo khino1_zpsaxhpwnlx.jpg

two nights ago, i introduced myself to this guy and asked if i could take this picture. i also assured him i wasn't a serial killer.

tonight i saw another indie film and he, along with his companions, sat right next to me. he was pretty down-to-earth and sweet. he even asked me if i smoked so i can join them. instead of asking for another photo opportunity,  i am posting this.  while it was brief, it was a very interesting conversation and asking for another selfie would ruin it.

 photo kiko1_zpszct5bnqo.jpg

it's just too bad these indie films come and go without us knowing about them, so gorgeous and talented guys like these young men fall under the radar. hopefully now, i won't miss them and i can support them when i can.  i still have loads of leave credits.

*"I love you" in T'boli