Friday, June 05, 2015

of serial killers and blood donations

i suddenly remember Dexter. i used to watch it every week until my neighbor switched cable providers. probably because i donated blood today. i really loved that show.

 photo dexter_zpsba7x81sj.jpg

Dexter focuses on the life of a blood spatter pattern analyst working for the fictional Miami Metro Police Department.  he leads the secret life of serial killer, hunting down murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system.  his adoptive father, Harry Morgan, knew early on that he had homicidal tendencies and taught him to follow a code, a constructive way to channel his gruesome passion for human dissection. i thought it was a brilliant series.  he was a monster, there was no doubt about it; but because he only killed people who under Harry's code "deserved to die", you wanted so much to root for him.  despite all the blood in his hands, you thought he was a hero. i know i did.

yes, i thought of the show because of the blood-letting activity at work.

 photo bloodbels_zpss9tswx2i.jpg

the last time i donated blood was three years ago, having been rejected in 2013 because of the tattoo i just got and last year because i just had my period.  so you can understand how excited i was to donate this year.  i haven't had any tattoos, i finished my period much earlier than the activity.  there was no way in hell they could stop me from donating blood.  i really feel strongly about it, not having done much for my community in a while, so this one i really looked forward to.

i don't do much, and when i do, i don't really have the habit of letting other people know, but this one i feel strongly about promoting.  we all take part in helping save another person's life, no matter how small the contribution, we have a responsibility to ourselves, to this earth to do our part.

so do yours.