Monday, June 15, 2015

because red is for passion

subtitles are a girl's best friend.

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i just finished watching K'na The Dreamweaver, one of the movies from last year's Cinemalaya.  i missed it last year, since there were limited venues, plus i work at night and sleep in the daytime.  which is why i made it a point to see the scheduled screening of this wonderful yet poignant movie. it's what happens if Juliet had to choose between Romeo and saving their village.

many years ago (or once upon a time - take your pick), the north and south lived in peace.  they hold special among them the dreamweavers:  women who can weave patterns from their dreams.  they are the chosen ones, and more often than not, become betrothed to the chieftain of the land.  Hanyas, the dreamweaver of the land however, did not wish to be the chieftain's fifth wife.  she was already in love with someone else.  on the eve of her wedding, she and her lover eloped so the chieftain banished Hanyas' family and they had to move to the south.  they have been in war since.

forward several years later, K'na (portrayed magnificently by Mara Lopez), daughter of the chieftain, is being groomed by her grandmother Bey Lamfey to be the next dreamweaver.  her childhood best friend, Silaw (played wonderfully by RK Bagatsing.  the perfect gentleman, i cannot imagine anyone who wouldn't want to bring him home), is the supplier of the precious fiber that Grandma weaves. every night, Silaw ties fibers by K'na's window as a sign of his love.  you don't see that anymore these days and you have to admire his persistence even after she had left.   she reciprocates by braiding them to her hair.  her subtle way of showing him her affection.

K'na had to make a choice and she chose to be with Kagis (not because Alex Vincent Medina, the guy who plays Kagis, is hot - in another world, the sequel to his movie would be Palitan), not only to stop the war between the north and the south, but because in the midst of the chaos, as Silaw tried to find her, Kagis saved Silaw's life. she is choosing a life of unhappiness with Kagis as payment for Silaw's life.  Silaw kept waiting for her to come back, but she had already started a family with Kagis, as a dutiful wife and dreamweaver would, until nothing more was ever heard of him.  but he left souvenirs for K'na so that every time she would look to the south, she would know of Silaw's love and that he would be there when she came back.

"I will always know where to find you."

- Silaw, K'na, The Dreamweaver

the end.

i was so smitten by this film.  nobody does courtship like that anymore.  it made me feel giddy watching it.  then it made me sad.  because nobody loves like that anymore either.

they had me at, "Kenbong Nawahu uu."