Friday, May 08, 2015

you and me, sweethearts?

 photo flames_zpsaxkkembc.jpg

this was a game i learned in back in grade school.  whether it was a member of the Menudo,  a boy from That's Entertainment, Randy Santiago or a girl from 6th grade (or someone from III-Kagitingan or IV-Kaisahan - yes, not only were they virtues expected from all the girls from my school, those were also our high school section names and that's where the hottest butches were from. lol), we've tried testing and trusting the flames to see if our crushes were a match. we didn't have internet compatibility quizzes then.  hell, we didn't have the internet then.

yeah, so that'll be the day, right? what have i got to lose?  i'm putting it out there for the Universe to see.  maybe you and i were meant to be.  law of attraction, as they say.  if you keep on saying it over and over, the Universe might just get irritated enough to hand it over to you.  i mean, i think i bugged enough people to have a picture taken with the Urbandub members that they gave in.  i know, i know, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and when you do, it's not always what you want.   but that's the thing, i don't wish.  i hope. so maybe, given the number of mutual friends we have in this earth, there's the slightest chance this can actually happen.  you and me.  sweethearts.

come on, Universe.  i will do my very best not to fuck it up.

you and i actually have more in common than you think.  if only i could make you see that.  even if our flames don't say so.