Wednesday, May 06, 2015

YHWH: not your typical father-daughter relationship

of course, i am one of them poster children of father-daughter relationships.

the final episode of Person of Interest sees the Machine in its last few days as Samaritan seeks to suck the life out of it.  it leaves our team no choice but to fend for themselves.

John, along with Elias and Fusco, are taken hostage by Dominic and the Brotherhood.  Dominic wants to get Harold's "system" so he can finally take over New York.  Control, along with Agent Grice, team up to figure out what Samaritan and Greer intend to do with the "Correction"  and end up being "corrected".  Root, on God Mode, and  Finch try to save the Machine by collecting things it requested for them to find.  Reese, also on God Mode, is assisted by the Machine so that he can escape Dominic and his crew. a very powerful kick-ass scene, i must say.

we find out years later that after the Machine had gone rogue that it spread itself over the power grid in boxes attached to the electrical poles. Samaritan caused several power surges to beat the Machine and weaken it.  in order to save itself, it had asked Finch and Root to make use of Caleb Phipps' compression algorithm.  Fusco with help from Harper (please don't let her come back, i hate that character!) escapes and comes back with the rest of the NYPD, arrests Dominic and Elias.  Greer leads Control and Grice into thinking they will set up a bomb in the Supreme Court only to be deceived and eliminated by Greer.  Dominic and Elias (NO!!!) are also killed, although i would've preferred for one of them to survive.  guess who?  

it's been four years since the partnership and friendship between Finch and Reese started and they, along with the Machine, have helped a great number of people on the way.  Team Machine has grown since then, with Carter, Fusco, Zoe, Leon, Shaw and Root (yes, of course, Bear) along for the ride.  to have Caleb have that amount of respect and trust for Finch to give away his algorithm without asking why or what for is a testament to that.  maybe not everyone will agree with the means by which they go around and help people (that is still illegal surveillance conducted by an artificial intelligence in violation of the constitutional rights of the humanity it seeks to protect) but the fact that they do, is something i, as a citizen, am grateful and hopeful for.  some random stranger saves me from out of the blue.  if they asked me to fight against the great evil artificial intelligence that wants to wipe out humanity based on its murky standards, i'm in! in the fight between good and evil, you don't want to be on the wrong side and i am Team Machine all the way.

Finch and the Machine has always had that odd father-daughter relationship, the way Root and the Machine have that weird relationship, more like psycho-sister and AI-sister, but a protective one, nevertheless.  Finch has always tried to do what is good and that is the code that is instilled in the Machine's DNA.  that the Machine comes to Finch as a daughter lost and apologetic for what it's become and its fear that Finch as its father-creator would rather that it died despite all its efforts to save him and everyone else because it has gone outside of what is supposedly morally good is so heartbreaking.

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the Machine asks for Finch's forgiveness, as Pink Floyd's Welcome to the Machine plays in the background.  Finch replies, like any forgiving father,

 "You are my creation; I can't let you die." 
 the future seems bleak for Team Machine but i am hopeful that in the end, good will still prevail.