Saturday, May 09, 2015

the walls that misunderstanding built

some time in 1997, a comic book entitled Tower of Misunderstanding came out by a man named Dino Ignacio. if the name sounds familiar that's because he was the one who came up with the site Bert is Evil. yes, Bert, Ernie's roommate from the Sesame Street. anyway, the comic book went on limited release and i have scoured everywhere but never have i been able to find one or be lucky enough to ask somebody in the bookstore who knew what the hell i was talking about. neither do i know anyone who owns it so that i can borrow and finally read it.

the only thing i found was this thing in google sites and the video Dino published in 2010, but i never know if this was it or if there was more to it than what is there on the page.  when i found it when i did, i didn't know how to feel about it.

the Tower of Misunderstanding, like Confessions of a Spaceboy (that Palanca award-winning essay by Erwin Romulo about his proposal to his then-wife and best friend Yvonne which i would've had access to had we printed enough extra copies. damn dot matrix printer) is like the one true love of your life: undeclared, unrequited, unrealized.  it is the one that got away. the big what-if. it will always be special, as it will never let you down, never leave you or let you go. it is all you hoped love would be.  it will always be the most beautiful story ever written, the best story that i have never ever read.