Saturday, May 30, 2015

Criminal Minds: loving and knowing before seeing

today i had the opportunity to watch Zugzwang again.  it is the episode where Dr. Spencer Reid's girlfriend gets kidnapped and subsequently killed by her stalker.

 photo ZUGZWANG_zpsncqsipi2.jpg

after experiencing headaches, Dr. Spencer Reid got in touch with a geneticist, Maeve, who became his phone pal.  they would talk on the phone every Sunday about science, life, books and everything under the sun.  they have never met in person because she has a stalker on the loose who wants to kill her the minute she resurfaces.

in one of their phone conversations, Maeve inadvertently says "I love you" as they say goodbye but Spencer does not say it back. he had wanted to say these words when they finally met.  however, when they plan to meet in person, they don't.  Spencer arrives first but warns Maeve not to go in as her stalker might be in the restaurant.  she leaves but not after dropping off the book she got for him (which he also got for her) with her message:

"Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another."
- Thomas Merton

bothered by dreams after that almost first meeting, Spencer calls her again, their Sunday afternoon ritual, only to receive a collect call from Adam Worth.  he sees the connection, figures out that the stalker has finally caught up with Maeve and he immediately contacts Hodge.  the rest of the team all agree to work on their personal time as they still do not know if they have an actual case to help Reid find Maeve.

going through the investigation they find that Maeve is indeed missing and that she used to have a fiance, the man who was watching Spencer in the restaurant.  but he is not the stalker.  the stalker is one of the junior interns whose thesis Maeve rejected. who became Maeve's ex-fiancee's new girlfriend, Diane.  truly, this is the ultimate if-i-can't-have-my-life-i-will-do-everything-in-my-power-to-ruin-your-life-until-it-becomes-mine revenge.

Spencer offers Diane a deal, which she takes, only she cannot have him the way she wants.  he is able to convince Diane that he chooses her over Maeve and that Maeve should be allowed to live in order to accept her irrelevancy. he even tells Maeve he doesn't love her and she "understands".  when Diane kisses Reid she knows he's not telling her the truth.  and we hear from Thomas Merton again, as this is the only thing she cannot take from Spencer and Maeve. so she takes her own life.  and Maeve's.

i admire people who have faith, who can love without reservation and defy the odds even death.  it's just too sad that all love stories are tragic, the ones that never came to be.  as such is the story of Spencer and Maeve.