Sunday, May 10, 2015

indie film marathon: Kabisera and Ang Nawawala

i read somewhere that the Filipino film industry is made up of the indie films and the mainstream chick flicks. nobody makes guy films anymore because the market is filled with gay men and bitter single women. oh, and because the former action stars ran for public office. there are hardly any films that talk about men who battle their demons and triumph over adversity. that's why they tried so hard to get On The Job and The Janitor out to the mainstream audience.  they needed men to act like men and not be sensitive to their feelings all the time.  this came close. sometimes you need to see a man standing up for what he believes is right, even if he has to kill a few people. or more.

 as Angel once said, you do what you can to protect your family.

 photo kabisera_film_zpstlygewxf.jpg

two or three years ago, i went ahead and saw the movie, Ang Nawawala by myself.  i'm trying to recall if i ever had doubts who between Jamie and Gibson really died when i saw the film two years ago. i still can't get over Marc Abaya's hair. or that so many kids feel like they're entitled even though not really doing shit.  but the Roco twins are hot, that's for sure. and the music is awesome.