Friday, May 08, 2015

imaginary conversations with you, part 2

I realized I should write these things down.  Maybe if i put them out to the Universe, she will hear.

on one of those brief encounters you and i have:

A: sorry, i have to ask, are you, uh, gay?

B: i am the B in LGBT

A: (puzzled look)

B: do you see my breasts?  sure, you do, you've been staring at them since you asked me that question

A: (embarrassed look)

B: notice how i don't try to bind them? i know they're the same level as my tummy, but i don't use breast binders

A: okay . . .

B: which means i like them there and i'm not embarrassed to have them. and maybe in the future, assuming you want to,  i can let you touch them

A: hmmm. . .

B: you seem lost, you haven't heard of breast binders?

A: no, i'm still at the part where i can touch your breasts in the future.