Sunday, May 17, 2015

angry girl journal 05.17.2015

"We have finally achieved immortality.  Even when our bodies die, our personal data lives on in cyberspace whether you like it or not."
- Harold Finch, Person of Interest

i just realized i haven't deleted all of the pictures that we have together.  while some of them probably make for good memories, they are mostly a reminder of how stupid i was and how bad you were as a person for taking advantage of my feelings for you. people make mistakes and while you are not the only wrong person i fell for, there is no doubt that majority of my mistakes had to do with waiting on you.  unless it was taken with other people (who do not have anything with what happened or didn't between you and me) or i had really great hair, that photograph has got to go.  sure, the cloud might have a backup somewhere, but i want to make sure that i don't.

 photo 2015-05-30_18.34.391_zpsvhuhno0p.jpg