Thursday, April 02, 2015

Visita Iglesia: walking with my Lord

i cannot remember the last time i did the fourteen churches.  i think my father was still alive then.  then i stopped since i "went to work" and he didn't mind since i was getting the double pay.  when he died, i just stayed at home if i didn't have to work.

i also stopped going to church because i didn't want to be around the hypocrites who went there.  i do get invitations to go to other churches, try new things different from the faith upon which i was brought up.  but that's just it: whether it's a Catholic church, a Christian church, a Buddhist temple, or a mosque, if you say or do the exact opposite of the teachings at the same time you hold yourself righteous above all others, then to me you are only making a mockery of that faith.  i have my own relationship with my Creator.  i don't go to His house often but i talk to Him whenever i can and i am careful not to hurt others with my words, thoughts and deeds.  many people go to church every Sunday, post bible quotes in social media but they don't really do what is right.  i'd rather be the one who doesn't go to church but tries to do good.

today was an opportunity to visit churches.  even if i didn't get enough sleep coming from work, i went to a friend's house for lunch (because he thought that it has been a while since i had a home cooked meal and he was right.  it feels stupid if i had to cook for one) and then we left to visit the churches in the u-belt area.

 photo cross_zpshnwj5cxv.jpg

it was very exhausting but i cherished the experience because i got to spend time with friends, amd i got to spend time with the Lord.  i talk to Him all the time, every chance i get, but it was nice to be able to visit His houses all over the metro.

i know that He is always with me, and i would not be this strong without Him in my life.  visiting His houses not only brought back memories of my youth with my mother and father, but it also renewed my strength and my faith in our Father. with Him, in Him, i can do all things.