Thursday, April 30, 2015

swooning over Dr. Reid

i once mentioned here my fascination for the show Criminal Minds and Matthew Gray Gubler's character, Dr. Reid, one of my primary reasons for doing so.  i haven't been able to catch up with the show since my neighbors gave up their cable and i had to give up my television so when i saw these, i knew i was missing out on a lot.

 photo reid1_zpsxajucah1.jpg

"Of course I'd love to have coffee with you, Dr. Reid!"

I can't say it in Russian, though.

 photo reid2_zpshavixqz8.jpg

"Where were you looking the whole time when I was just here?"

the show has been very influential to me.  not only is it very intriguing and the storylines force you to really think, but it encourages you to read up.  the show starts and ends with quotes from well-known authors (or unknown) which are very thought-provoking and inspiring.

 photo love unknown_zpsvrogsbwe.jpg

and because Dr. Reid is simply amazing!

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