Sunday, April 19, 2015

not as evil as i thought

i once said here that John Lloyd Cruz is evil.  i may have been wrong.

i seem to have forgotten that the marketing people surrounding him are responsible for making him seem so perfect and after reading this article on him in preparation for a movie he's doing, made me see that i may have been harsh in judging him.

 photo esquirejlc_zpshppuywik.jpg

it is about time that JLC grew out of the leading man roles that he has been playing and like Piolo and Derek (ex-boyfriend of JLC's current girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, herself proving to be a great actress.  although not of the same acting caliber as Piolo and JLC, has been typecast to play philandering husband roles when apparently he can actually do better as we have seen in The Janitor), portray more challenging roles that bring out the best in him.  it's just sad because all throughout the filming of the movie, instead of helping promote the story, his network has been more focused on his celebrity, rather than his talent.  the price for making money.

i understand that each and every one of us make sacrifices for the people we love, and i was wrong to think that JLC was all about money and making us swoon.  i forget that like you and i, he has a family and all he wants is to give them a better life.  i forget that despite being a very private person, he has to open up his world to majority of the population and play the part of the dutiful son who gets over and above the limelight for the benefit of the family he so loves.