Friday, April 24, 2015

Basilio and Bear

i don't have a pet.  ever since my father died, Nathan, my former manager, has been bugging me to get a dog.  he thinks my life would be so much happier if i had one.

i don't like dogs.  well, i don't hate them.  they're just not for me.  when i was younger, i almost got my face bitten by a dog so i was scared of dogs growing up.  now, not so much.  but i don't think i can get myself to take care of one.  cats are more like me, i guess.  M and i shared a fascination for cats during the course of our relationship, but that ended.  and . . .

cats seem to follow me around everywhere i go.  i used to drink at this place near work and there was a cam-whore cat who stayed there all the time.  it would ask for food and occasionally pose for a picture.  through the course of my being single, and alone, cats have informally settled in the house.  i try not to get too attached by giving them names since bad things happen to them the moment i do.

there was this cute little white cat in 2013 who made me tardy because i couldn't resist its fluffy white fur and blue eyes.  unlike my feline friend from the watering hole, this one did noot like to pause for photo opportunities.

 photo whitecat1_zpsymruidqt.jpg photo whitecat2_zps3eugr1vq.jpg

sadly, i lost that kitten to a flash flood in our area.  and another one got run over.  so  . . .

i don't want to get a dog, or any pet for that matter, because i'm always out of the house.  knowing me and how passionate i am about my work, and everything else, i cannot bear the thought of owning one and leaving it alone in the house without me.  they're like children, you cannot leave them alone without worrying.  and i like to worry.  also, that was the other reason i guess M and i didn't last.  we were attached to the pets we've encountered in the relationship but our fascination for pets outlived our fascination for each other.  it's like that character Whitney Cummings played on her show.  her boyfriend Chris wanted to get a dog but she didn't want to because she was afraid that their relationship would end and she'd be stuck with a pet she didn't want.  she ended up loving the dog anyway.  sadly it died.

this movie i watched last year, Lorna, about a sixty-something single mother who went home to a cat she called Basilio also comes to mind.  she would buy him food but one day she came home she found him run over by a vehicle.  it was a sad day for Lorna.  which is why while i keep feeding you and say hello to you when i come home the way Celina Kyle did in the first Batman movie, i refuse to give you a name.  hell, i don't even check if you're a boy or a girl.  i refuse to, for fear that if i get too attached i'd lose you like all the important things going on in my life and i don't want to.  lose you.

 photo basilio_thecat_zpsvvicospe.jpg

Bels:  do you REALLY not care about anyone but yourself? where were you when I needed you?!

cat: i'm just going to keep staring at you and ignore what you just said until you get the food

because that's the way with us.

although, if i did consider getting a dog, it would have to be a Belgian Malinois.  yes, yes, Graubaer's Boker who portrays Bear in Person of Interest!  i really think he's adorable.  not to mention, if somebody harms me, he'll eat them.  lol.

 photo bear_zpsvrpeyayk.jpg

and with that, i will leave you with a picture of my favorite pair of concerned dog owners:

 photo 14._opposites1_zpsdhi1cltc.jpg