Monday, February 23, 2015

manners. maketh. Man.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

- Ernest Hemingway

i grew up watching James Bond movies.  it's no wonder i'm into British guys.  so when i heard the radio ad for the movie Kingsman:  The Secret Service, i knew i had to see it.

 photo kingsman_zpswcgnzrfl.jpg

who knew Colin Firth could kick arse?

the James Bond movies have become pretty violent over the last few years and Kingsman, as another spy movie, is no exception.  what i found very amusing even in spy shows like The Americans (Russians pretending to be Americans pretending to fight Russians - i haven't seen it in a while, so that may have changed, i don't know.  my neighbor stopped paying their cable bills so i sold my tv) and Person of Interest (Reese and Shaw were former spies, weren't they?!) is that there are less guns and more hand to hand combat scenes.  sure, if they decide to annihilate every living being on the face of the planet they could do so with really heavy stuff like those nuclear warheads they keep saving for a rainy day.  Kingsman used neuro-signals in order to trigger the violent side of each individual, turning on the primal urge within all of us to make killing machines designed to eliminate one another.  pretty clever, won't you say?

my favorite part of the movie was there are no damsels in distress.  even the Bond girls now can kick major ass in heels.  Charlie's Angels, hello?  Carter, Root, Shaw, Buffy, the list goes on.  these are all strong women playing strong women characters.  i know, i know, Kingsman still had the princess whom Eggsy got to fuck backdoor style but we had Roxy as the new Lancelot so we can let that whole save-the-world-you-can-fuck-my-arse thing go.  despite the new world, there are still women who are that way. what i can say?

again, i just have to say that i love Colin Firth.  i missed him as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice but i saw him in The King's Speech, the Bridget Jones films and Love Actually.  he's so lovable, like Jim Sturgess  and then he turned all action superhero in Cloud Atlas. it's like Britain is secretly breeding really hot men to revitalize MI6.  i'm no Whovian but i don't think i have to explain further here.