Saturday, February 28, 2015

indie film marathon: Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita and Transit

of course, i decided i wanted to see Ang Huling Cha-Cha ni Anita again, so i asked my friend's girlfriend to join me. it's her life story and her sixth time to watch. she never tires seeing it so i knew i had a companion. i asked her to see the next movie with me. i missed Transit when it was shown so i made sure not to pass up the chance to see it again.

 photo transit_zpsyod6gb3i.jpg

Transit tells the story of immigrant Filipino workers in Israel who are forced to hide their children inside their houses for fear of deportation due to a new law passed in Israel.

i loved this movie.  i read about it and knew i wanted to see it but didn't have the chance.  Irma Adlawan was so remarkable in this movie, you'd think she was speaking Hebrew all her life. Ping Medina was so great as a father that i wanted him to sire all my children (i still salivate over brother Alex, though).  my chest was so heavy with his struggle, knowing that he cannot keep his son with him, the son's mother couldn't help.   even young actors Marc Justine Alvarez and Jasmine Curtis-Smith (yes, Anne's sister) were revelations.  it's amazing how fluent they all were, just proving once again, how talented Filipinos are.

it made me appreciate what i have because so many people cannot be as fortunate to find the work they love here in our country, they have to find the means somewhere else.  it's hard enough to make a living here, but to work in a foreign land, whose laws and cultures are so much different than ours.  it reminded me that sometimes children can easily forget who they are or where they come from, if they grew up in a foreign country.  i know so, as i have cousins in the US now.  it made me grateful that despite being alone, that i have work here and friends.  it made me grateful that though i haven't found it yet, i will eventually find my home.