Friday, January 02, 2015

2014 was not a bad year for Filipino movies. i think.

after my father died i stopped watching local movies. apart from James Bond movies, he was a big fan of FPJ and Dolphy and don't get me wrong, so am i.  it's just that i didn't like the idea of them going to the beach and bursting to song and dance in the middle of the movie.  so with the exception of that one time i was kidnapped and betrayed by friends to watch this cringe-inducing love triangle featuring Claudine Barretto, Richard Gutierrez and Anne Curtis-Smith or that one time i got bullied by a battalion of gay men into seeing this slapstick comedy featuring a gay man who turns into a horse (frankly, i still prefer the original), i only limit myself to indie Filipino movies.

in 2014, i found myself watching eight (eight!) local movies, and one of them is a love story.   i'm glad i did.

 photo 2014localfilmsb_zps0c01a434.jpg

this year, i'm going to make sure i watch more indie films, to support promising writers, actors, and directors. some of them may be love stories, some of them may have violence, some of them may talk about sexuality or religion but one thing's for sure: they all have a voice that's meant to be heard.  seen.  felt.