Sunday, November 16, 2014

love is like a shotgun

among the Cinema One original movies, there was only one movie that caught my eye:  Lorna.

 photo Lorna-Cinema-One-Originals-2014_zps5203fc35.jpg

Lorna is the story of a single mother in her early 60s.  she had a son by her first boyfriend who, after migrating to the US, found someone else and asked that person to marry him.  she has a foreigner boyfriend whom she met online but on the day she expects him to arrive, he is a no-show.  several men charm her but they all seem to disappoint, save for her former high school classmate, Rocky. it seems that seeing him again has unearthed old feelings as they had some unfinished business.  Rocky could be the one but . . .

much of my enthusiasm for this film has to do with the remarkable acting talent of Miss Shamaine Centenera Buencamino. that, and the trailer had a lot of guns involved.  of course, there is no actual killing in the film, but that is how love feels like when it fails, right?  a shot in the heart?

can i just say that Lorna has presented to us the most truthful sex scene ever to be shown in Filipino movies? making love with someone is a very beautiful and very emotional experience.  it is real and true and it takes a lot out of you. movies and television have portrayed love scenes to be clean and organized.  i know these things are well-choreographed but the real thing (from memory, it's been a while) is messy and outrageously spontaneous, sometimes even rough.

i appreciated the story because it gives me an idea where i'm headed.  while i'm not really looking for someone, i can understand how most men can see older single women as desperate.  they can be very condescending to think that women would rush to the first warm body that comes near them.  what assholes.  i'm not.  it can be lonely sometimes but it doesn't mean that i will give up my beliefs just so i can be attached.  i've already waited for so long, i might as well get what i want.  and what i want is not to settle.

Lorna is a very strong woman who just needs to be loved, just like i am.  i mean, i'd like to think i am strong.  we've both been hurt before so all defenses are up until the most deserving one (not necessarily the right one) comes along and we can slowly break down our walls.  i always keep in mind that line from Some Kind of Wonderful:

"Between being with someone for the wrong reasons and being alone for the right reasons, I'd rather be right."