Friday, November 14, 2014

first love never dies

tickets for Cinemalaya were sold out before i even got to them so i was thankful that i got to see 1st ko si 3rd during its limited commercial run.

 photo 1stkosi3rd_zps9bd8a673.jpg

back in the 80s, there was this show on IBC13 called Chicks to Chicks, which starred Nova Villa and Freddie Webb.  i watched it every Wednesdays.  the childless couple ran a modelling agency and their models, played by Carmi Martin, Lorraine Schuck, the late Maria Theresa Carlson (the Bb. Pilipinas winner who rose to fame with her really bad tagalog) would walk around the house in their underwear.  Nova would suspect Freddie was cheating on her, but it turns out the bad idea for the week was schemed by her brother Chito Arceo. whenever someone would bring up the word, "anak", Nova would cry and wail because they didn't have any.  at the end of each episode, Freddie would reassure her of their undying love and ask her to get ready so they could "shower" together.

that is why i wanted to see 1st ko si 3rd.

the movie begins with Corazon preparing to go to work.  it is her last day as she is retiring from her government job.  she is awakened from a dream where she is walking by the meadows with her first boyfriend, Third.  her husband, Alejandro, who retired a few years earlier, works on their old car so that he can take her to places she's always wanted to go since they have a lot of time on their hands.  Third comes back years later to their old town, inviting everyone for a get-together and it causes some major anxiety for Cory since she never got over him.  then we would see flashbacks of their high school love story (their younger versions do not resemble them one bit, by the way), why they broke up and how Cory ended up with Alejandro.

Cory is in dilemma:  we find out that Cory has been writing to Third all these years, letters she never sent.  she never got over Third.  he would always be the one true love that got away.  Third offers her, in their coffee date (where both of them have iced tea), to live in the US, with this kids.  he tells her he's been divorced for a long time because people don't have to stay together when things don't work out.  this happens the same time Alejandro finally fixes the old car and takes her for a ride.  he tells her that just because things are old, you don't throw them away.  he also reminds her that they don't have much time left together and he just wants her to be happy.

maybe there is no one great true love.  maybe once you have it, it's not what you thought it to be.  or maybe, people stay with the one they are with because they think they don't have any other choice.  remember the time when there was so much pressure from your parents to settle down and there was a mad dash to get married?

i thought this was a good movie.  it wasn't as hilarious as Chicks to Chicks, but it reminded me about how funny it was.  it also reminded me how life is short and how you should never let time pass by without telling the people you care about how much you love them.  it tells us to be brave.  or else, we will end up with regret like Cory.