Monday, October 06, 2014

where i am king

they said that my late father looked a lot like Robert Arevalo so i thought this would be interesting. i heard the music was good too, as Myke Salomon, a.k.a. Kenny from Rak of Aegis was responsible for musical direction.

 photo haringtondo_zps6879f4ba.jpg

the story is about self-made man, Ricardo Villena, who will lose everything he has due to bad investments, if he doesn't start selling properties.  he chooses to stay in one of his first properties in Tondo, the Alapaap, which has deteriorated, unlike his other properties which are located in posh neighborhoods.  he vowed that if his grandchildren (real-life cousins, Cris Villonco and Rafa Siguion-Reyna) cannot inherit any more money from him, they will inherit balls.  the premise is that they won't really learn to grow a pair unless they live in Tondo.  Anna (Cris) is being forced by her mother to marry her fiance even after learning that he has cheated on her and Ricky has been dropping out because he doesn't want to be an economist or lawyer like his dad.  they follow their grandfather to live in Tondo in the hopes of getting his "first love" to fall in love with him again.  or something like that.

i thought the movie was really good. it's about family, and friendship and fighting for the ones you love, and that even if it is not always the most popular decision on earth, it is your decision, your life.   it is admirable that despite the betrayal of Rez Cortez's  character, their friendship still stood the test.  i didn't see the twist on Don Ricardo's first love coming.  who knew?  it shows how different the world has become, as we know it.  so much has changed in Manila.  there are only 3 songs in the soundtrack (or 2 1/2, when you think about it, since the third song was just a combination of the first two) but they were very powerful songs played at the exact same moment they were needed.

Aiza Seguerra's character, played on her two strengths:  she was a strong lesbian character in the film with a great musical talent.  i also liked Lorenz Martinez's character.   he was pretty silent throughout most of the film and what would've been considered a play on his disability for comic relief, became endearing that he ended up with a lady in the end.

this movie reminded me of my dad, just looking at Robert Arevalo.  but they're two different characters:  my dad was really mean and strong,  while Ricardo is strong but soft.  he really cares.  not that my dad didn't.  it's complicated.  but the movie was great.  i've said here before that the Cinemalaya films are all about love, and this movie is full of it.