Monday, October 27, 2014

not-so-angry girl journal 10.27.14

it's a great feeling when you have friends who say, "what are you feeling? You know i would drive to nova for you..." or, "you know i'm responsible for you, right? So you let me know when you're depressed, okay? Boy or no boy, I'll be there".  or, "i'll make you laugh.  let's try to lower that blood pressure down.  work will always be there, you know, but your good health won't be. so get yourself checked." oh, and this one: "i've said a prayer to God for you, for your health. you make me laugh.  i worry about you when you're not well."
it's so nice to hear these things, as opposed to getting opposite, and i have gotten the opposite from those i've cared deeply for and just disappointed me.  it's great to know someone truly has my back, that someone cares enough to know how i am because they do and not just because they want something. i know now not to expect, and i know now who really matter.