Saturday, October 18, 2014

et tu, Lourd.

i learned that he was going to release his new book Espiritu over at the bookstore so i decided that after the gym i'd hop on over there, get a book and have him sign it.  or,  i could oversleep, wake up, go to the bookstore first and then go to the gym later.

i chose the latter and it's a good thing i did. there was a long queue and i didn't want to miss him. 

 photo 69talaga_zps1498053d.jpg

he looked at me and said, "ang ganda mo ah!" and we know i haven't heard that in a while.  

 photo belslourd1_zps8f24ccde.jpg photo belslourd2_zps1b7a9b77.jpg

i told him that years ago after the first album came out i saw him at UST and i tried to chase him. i told him that my ex got pissed off and that the first album mysteriously disappeared.  he said i had a bad ex and he drew this on Book 2 of This Is A Crazy Planets.

 photo hellobfroml_zps6991ca86.jpg

that's why M is an ex, Lourd.

after signing, i said goodbye and he told me i was getting old and that i should wear my glasses.

i like you, too, Lourd.  thanks!  :)