Saturday, October 11, 2014

dance, dance, dance

"The memories would slam against me like the waves of an incoming tide, sweeping my body along to a place where I lived with the dead. Powerless, I could go nowhere." 
- Haruki Murakami

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my friend Chris, his "boy" and I went to the Cultural Center of the Philippines Little Theater to watch Jame Cousins Company's twin-bill production  Without Stars | There We Have Been, based on Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood. strangely enough, Murakami also has another novel, Dance, Dance, Dance.

James was a friendly and accommodating lad.  i hope he and his company can come visit our country again.

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i was very moved. watching the whole dance made me want to cry. Without Stars reminded me of Cock, for some weird reason. Gareth Mole was a lot like John's character, caught between Albert Garcia and Chihiro Kawasaki.  i was astounded by the simplicity and strength of There We Have Been. the routine was seventeen (17) minutes long but the female lead, Chihiro, barely touched the floor.  kudos to Georges Hann for his strength and stamina.  they never lost a beat.  i loved the show. i wish we could have more of these here.

it makes me sad that shows like this are only available to those who can afford it, when it should be for everyone.  music, poetry, art.  these are what make us feel alive.  they unite all of us, like love.  i refuse to believe that it should be only for a privileged few.  almost everything is accessible to everyone now.  it's sad that the people who should work to make these things available to everyone are the ones who pioneer in exclusion.  it is very disappointing. nevertheless, it didn't take away how much i loved this show.  and i did.  very much.  unlike some people, i don't believe in keeping these things to myself.  i will keep talking about them and making sure everyone knows about them.

yeah, even if means talking to M again.