Sunday, September 07, 2014

white devil

when i was in first year college, i was diagnosed as having a kidney stone.  it was about one centimeter in diameter.  it caused me a lot of pain.  this was brought about by a lot of sodium in my diet, so i was told to drink lots of water and to make sure i stay away from salty foods.  when i was younger, i really loved tinapang bangus and itlog na maalat.  the cheese flavored chips, i stayed away from, but those two breakfast favorites were a little hard to give up.  i would indulge myself every once in a while with the salted egg mixed with tomatoes but i cannot eat dried fish anymore.  people think i'm a picky eater.  it's not a case of "won't" folks, but "can't".

i've managed to quit smoking.  i didn't have any insane urges like most people do.  i held out pretty well as far as cigarettes, and we've already established that i enjoy my simple poisons in controlled amounts like wine, chips, assholes;  but i cannot for the life of me, quit . . .


 photo heartshapedrice_zps69d4eb10.jpg

yes, the staple food of the Philippines, i cannot quit.  the longest i've been without it is three months and i cannot imagine what it would be like to eat adobo, menudo, laing, pakbet, grilled liempo, ginisang monggo or pork sisig without it.  i really admire people who are able to let go of it completely.  me? it's still a struggle to get half when you're so used to getting a whole serving.  i mean, why would you cut your heart in half like that?

even with the one thousand two hundred calorie diet i as in for three weeks, they didn't cut rice. it was brown, it was healthy, but they never took it out completely.  ultimately i know that i should get used to it someday, being without it.  it's one of those love affairs you can't seem to be without.  guess i have to learn to manage. . soon.

Challenge Accepted.