Saturday, September 06, 2014

supporting the arts amidst wardrobe malfunctions

i had the great misfortune of having the zipper of my dress ruined a few minutes before the show.  thank God for wonderful human beings who were equipped with safety pins and a cardigan.  there is a place in heaven for you!

my wardrobe crisis averted:

 photo wardrobe_zpse62e6656.jpg

my friends and i watched the presentation Musikal! at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for the CCP's 45th anniversary.  it featured highlights from the best Filipino musicals ever staged, even the ones which were not even held in the CCP.  my favorites, of course, were Caredivas, Rock Supremo, Zsazsa Zaturnnah, and Rak of Aegis.

 photo musikal_zpsfd4b2a39.jpg

after watching this show, i realized that there were so many Filipino musicals that my friends and i missed and it would've been nice if we did see them.  everyone in this show was spectacular.

the song by Ebe Dancel, Lakambini from Neo-Rock Supremo, never fails to capture my heart and bring tears to my eyes.  so poignant and powerful.  i don't think i have to point out how much i love Rak of Aegis.  i watched it three times, and while the story doesn't change, my experience is different every time.

much of my enthusiasm comes with being infatuated with Jerald Napoles, who sang with both the Rak of Aegis and Caredivas ensembles.  i thought he was really pretty, with his bunny ears.  the bouquet of flowers he held while singing was reminiscent of Madonna's Like a Virgin.  undoubtedly, the husband and wife tandem of Robert Seña and Isay Alvarez-Seña were unstoppable; both had power vocally, they could light up the CCP Main Theater.   definitely, the most hardworking of them all, would have to be, Myke Salomon.  Myke plays a dual role in Rak of Aegis, acting both as Kenny, and as its musical director.  Myke sang the title song from Magsimula Ka, then came back as Faraj for Mysterious, singing to Chelsea (Melvin Lee) and then re-emerged as the other Kayla (Jerald did the birit intro this time) with the rest of the  Caredivas ensemble. and while Lea Salonga didn't perform, i thought that her presence in the event was more than enough.  it was truly a great night to remember and not just because my zipper was broken.

Mabuhay ang Original Filipino Musicals!