Saturday, September 20, 2014

if only i could afford a glass house

i had the great fortune of staying in this house for two days because of the generosity of a good friend. with just my salary, i don't think i could afford staying here, considering that the kitchen alone is worth P2.1M.  it was such a beautiful and peaceful place that i didn't mind not visiting any other place in Bohol. the owner is a very sweet, warm and grounded woman who welcomed me into her home. i felt safe.

 photo glasshousecover_zps667dd207.jpg
maybe when i can afford it, or when i'm close enough to the owner, i can bug her about going back and staying for another weekend.  forgive the really boring captions.

 photo glasshouse6_zps6f27292b.jpg
this is the patio.

 photo glasshouse11_zps401fb638.jpg
this is the living room leading to the pool.

 photo glasshouse2_zps12c3be94.jpg
this painting was done by the owner of the house for a client who didn't pick it up anymore.

 photo glasshouse13_zps0c039e39.jpg
had i come with my lover (if i had one), this would've been the bed and room where we would stay

 photo glasshouse12_zps440cd58c.jpg
this is the painting on each of the floors of the rooms

 photo glasshouse9_zpsb8f5fe44.jpg
this is the room where my friend and i stayed

 photo glasshouse8_zps72e0278f.jpg
this is the mural in the bathroom

 photo glasshouse5_zpsb80f78c0.jpg
a view of the staircase and the table by the window. if you look closely, there is a statuette of a little girl sitting down underneath the staircase. i couldn't get her up close without causing danger to myself. i don't know how they put her there.

 photo glasshouse10_zps20f1753c.jpg
this is the staircase to the living room that leads to the swimming pool

 photo glasshouse7_zpsbca90cd2.jpg
i really liked this table right here by the window.

 photo glasshouse1_zpsc71ec5ca.jpg
this is the lamp by the wall

 photo glasshouse3_zps39599517.jpg
this is the day bed right in the living room

 photo glasshouse4_zpse302830b.jpg
these two were fixtures in the bathroom shelf.

i had a great time.  hopefully, next time, i bring you there with me.  i know YOU can afford it.