Thursday, September 04, 2014

Eraserheads-Esquire Day

i knew there was a reason why my body wanted me to get out of bed this afternoon.  luckily, i listened to my body and got the last copy of the store for the day.

i held my breath, making sure not to ruin the inlay as i was removing the cd slowly from the page.

 photo Esquire-EraserheadsDay090414-1_zps4632791b.jpg

truth be told, i really hated it when the Eraserheads were referred to as, "The Beatles of the Philippines". for starters, they weren't cheap imitations, they weren't trying to be versions of the Fab Four from Liverpool.  if there were any similarities, it would be the effect of their music to our generation.  but if there were any local band who would recreate this scene from Abbey Road, there would be no one worthy, to my heart and mind, other than the Eraserheads.

 photo Esquire-EraserheadsDay090414-2_zps2640ffeb.jpg