Friday, August 01, 2014

until now, seriously?

i thought we went over this already.  the answer is still, "NO".

a few years back, you and i started flirting with each other and i told you what my answer was.  apparently it wasn't clear enough for you. i figured you'd already forgotten that temporary state of insanity you have about this, this you and i making out thing. turns out you haven't.  because contrary to what you might think, i am over it.  i am over you.

the thing about what-could've-beens is that it will always be the most mind blowing make out session you will ever have.  as opposed to it actually happening and not being up to par to your expectations.  i personally do not like to disappoint.  however,  while i fuck around and flirt a lot, i don't ruin families.  unlike people who say they believe in marriage, and do in fact, get married, i don't, but i respect people who do.

no matter how bad i think i want you, it will always be "NO".  deal with it.