Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Rabbit Hole: heavy drama, great acting

 photo rabbithole_zps4553e5f4.jpg

i first heard about The Rabbit Hole because of my fixation with John Gallagher, Jr.  i had a crush on him ever since he played Moritz on Spring Awakening.  before American Idiot, he played the role of the 17-year old Jason Willette, who accidentally ran over Danny, Becca and Howie's four-year old son, who was trying to follow the dog while it was crossing the street.

the play itself is very heavy. both Becca and Howie struggle to move on and get by and it is difficult since they each have a different pace in grieving their son's death.

my friend and i thought that Michael Williams had to be a little bit bipolar, rehearsing for the Rabbit Hole while doing Priscilla, Queen of the Desert's Miss Understanding.  after our photo op, he did admit that it was a bit difficult at first, but everything turned out for the best, as seen in this play.  you felt Becca and Howie's pain even as they tried to interact with each other and even more difficult having to face Jason, who wanted to make amends for Danny's death.  it was also painful for me, watching the guy playing Jason, as i imagine he would not be as brilliant as John Gallagher, Jr.

i liked the play, i just thought it was very heavy.  would i see it again?  maybe not.  i have my own drama to deal with.