Sunday, August 17, 2014

if i were a barber . . .


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that's how i would describe Eugene Domingo's performance for Barber's Tales.  i last saw Uge (her nickname in showbiz) in Bona and i loved her.  i thought she had so much depth, you wonder why, how she is able to do comedy.  but then it has been said more than once,“The people that bring the most laughter into the world, are usually the ones hiding the most pain.”

Barber's Tales is set in 1975, a few years after Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law and the rebels a.k.a. The New People's Army were working their way into the provinces as a way to develop awareness in the Filipino citizens and start a revolution.

Eugene Domingo is Marilou, the town barber, Jose's (Daniel Fernando) wife.  this was set at a time when women were very submissive to their husbands.  the first few scenes made me cringe.  when Jose dies, she inherits the town's barbershop, a business that has been passed down by generations of men in her husband's family.  being a woman, although just as skilled, she is unable to attract any customers, save for the endorsement of the town parish priest, played brilliantly by Eddie Garcia. when her godson, Edmond (another wonderful performance from Nicco Manalo here), who is among the rebels from the NPA, seeks her help because his comrade is wounded, Marilou reaches out to his sister who happens to be one of the prostitutes in the town brothel, Rosa.  note that Rosa is the same prostitute that Jose used to see when he was still alive.  while Marilou knows this fact, she didn't hesitate to help Edmond and Rosa.  Rosa then encourages her clientele to get their haircuts from Marilou or she will tell on their wives.

Marilou also develops a friendship with Cecilia, the town mayor's wife and Marilou is put in a difficult situation, working as the mayor's barber, a supporter of the rebels and Cecilia's friend.

this movie took so much from me.  it made me laugh, cry, cringe, angry.  not too many people know what it was like during the Martial Law era. some people choose to forget and those who enjoy the freedom we have now, waste it.  they will never know the struggle people for us to be where we are today. i am just as grateful to them as i am to have been able to see this movie.