Sunday, July 13, 2014

what if a song could save your life?

while everyone was too busy checking out Daniel Padilla (we do not deny the charisma), they missed this gem of a film.  very funny.  awesome soundtrack too.  who knew Keira Knightley could sing?

we just had to see it before my friend Chris left for London.  and it's not even amazing just because Adam Levine is there.  if anything, Adam is the two-timing ex-boyfriend who grew a really bad beard.

 photo Begin-Again_zpsbf5a5489.jpg

Begin Again is about struggling record label executive living in New York City,  Dan Mulligan.  in one of his worst days (he got fired from his own label), he meets Gretta James (Keira Knightley) in a bar. after hearing one of her songs, he offers to sign her in his label.  she is very hesitant after her boyfriend, Dave Kohl (played by Adam Levine, like i said, in a really bad beard), cheats on her with the assistant who works in the record label who produced his album. when things don't work out with his former label, Dan tells Gretta that the city of New York will serve as their studio as they record her album outdoors.  with the help of her best friend Steve (James Corden, very cute and funny.  i would like to have a best friend like that) and a bunch of other talented musicians, they set out to record her album.

i thought the soundtrack was great and that Keira Knightley, much like Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics, has a surprisingly good singing voice.  it focuses on authenticity and what struggling musicians struggle with, to get their music across.  i thought it was cute when Gretta was telling Violet, Dan's daughter (does Hailee Steinfeld really know how to play the guitar?  because that was awesome!) to dress better and it was also nice that Dan got together with his wife in the end.  it was weird when there were scenes that implied that Gretta and Dan would hook up (thank you, Steve!) not because there was anything wrong with that, i just didn't think it would help the film.  you would think that after Dave shaved off the beard that he and Gretta would get back together but then, she would have been so much better without him.  even if Dave looked like Adam Levine.  in the end, Gretta releases her album online and we sing her songs on the way of the theater.  everybody happy.