Friday, July 04, 2014

otherwise, fuck off

 photo stop flirting_zpsqisksqbo.jpg


 photo okay-okay-oh-my-god-stop-flirting-with-me_zpsb0c3126d.png

although my short (recently colored) brown hair will remind you of Shailene Woodley of The Fault in the Stars, i am not a teenager anymore.  you and i are no longer in high school.  which means that while i enjoy the banter, the chase, there should be an end to all the mind fucking so that actual fucking can begin. lol.

profanity aside, i see myself as a very approachable human being.  smart, attractive and despite my angry exterior, a very wonderful person inside.  and i don't care what other people think.  as long as i don't hurt anyone and i do what's right, nothing else means shit.

sadly, you don't think i'm "fucking pretty", you just like messing with my head.  therefore, back off.

and stop touching parts of my clothing that are proximate to the breast region!