Sunday, June 15, 2014

Noah: i think i need to read that Book again

basically i've had a Christian/Catholic upbringing.  most of the things i know from the old and new testament came from watching episodes of Superbook and Flying House.

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i enjoyed cartoons then because they weren't dubbed in Filipino yet.  not that there's anything bad about that.  it was just better growing up at the time, being alone for the most part, that i was learning both Christianity and the English language at the same time. i really learned a lot.  of course, the stories were modified so that kids could watch them but basically, the story is told and we learn that God loves us in so many ways.

apart from that, we had Christian Living subjects from first grade until i graduated in high school.  then i had Theology in college.  so while i skipped some of the meaty stuff and not know everything verbatim, i knew up until Joseph the Dreamer (it helped that there was a play, too) in the OT, the Psalms by David and when Saul became Paul who wrote that love is patient and kind in the NT.

the apocalypse via The Revelations scare me so much i don't even bother to skim through the pages.  if He decides to destroy the earth once again, by water, by fire, let His will be done.

anyway, i saw the movie Noah and seeing it made me want to read the Book again.  

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it made me read the Book again, because somewhere in my Catholic upbringing i didn't know that some angels stayed here on earth and had children with humans.  i always still wondered how they reproduced since there was only Eve and then it occurred to me why in Moses' time incest is no longer allowed.  it also made me wonder how extremely hot Jacob probably was at the time for four women to fight over him.  he had many descendants.  but i digress.

i thought the movie was okay.  i thought Emma Watson was great in the film and it reunited her with Perks of a Wallflower co-star Logan Lerman, who was equally moving in the film.  veteran actors Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe (their second team up after A Beautiful Mind, i think) and Anthony Hopkins were all awesome in their performance.  they all seemed like a family who lived at a time when God decided to destroy everything and everyone He created because, well, man is wretched.

this film is a great reminder of how far we have come ever since that flood (Jars of Clay playing in my head right now) and how i am afraid that some people need to be inundated before they realize their mistakes and how small they are in the scheme of things.  it's nice to be reminded and then follow through after the reminder has been made.  after all, God has always been there.  God will always be there.  we just have to come back.