Sunday, June 29, 2014

early morning ER

about twelve hours ago, i experienced abdominal pain i have not felt in years.  i usually have a high tolerance for pain but this one was seemingly unbearable. i thought it was something i could sleep off but the pain just won't go away. so when i was finally strong enough to pick myself up,  i went to the ER.

strangely enough, when i got there, i was strong as a bull.  or a fox.  point is, i didn't look like i was in pain when i got there.  they said it was either my appendix (because i love books!) or my kidney (the usual suspect) that could be the cause of the pain so they ran some tests.

i really hate it when people in the hospital give me this look and ask me, "you're all alone?".  just like when i took myself in for eight stitches, it's like they felt sorry for me that i went there on my own, when i should've been commended for being such a strong woman.  yeah, i felt pathetic but not totally sorry for myself.  Brad was worried but he was brave the whole time they were sticking long needles on me.

apparently, i gave birth to a stone again.  then they let me go so i went to work.  Mike sent me home after the conference call and told me to rest.  no arguing.  so i did.

and here we are.

i am strong.  i will be brave.  God watches over me. that is enough.